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Default How to do this in Dreamweaver 4


You can do a similar thing in dreamweaver 4. I'll try to explain this the best I can.

1. Create a new text file and place the following code in there:

<tagspec tag_name="smarty" start_string="{" end_string="}" detect_in_attribute="true" icon="smarty.gif" icon_width="17" icon_height="15"></tagspec>

2. Save this file as smarty.xml into the Configuration/ThirdPartyTags/.

3. Create an icon making sure its the same size as specified in the file "smarty.xml" (e.g. 17px wide, 15px high)

4. Open Dreamweaver 4 and open the preferences from the edit menu. Go down to the 'Code rewriting' option, check the 'Never Rewrite Code In files with Extensions' and add .tpl at the end of this list.

5. Next choose the File Types / Editors. Add .tpl to the extensions list - then select it - move to the Editors list and press the '+' button and browse to dreamweaver 4.

6. Make your self a nice cup of coffee - your done

This seems to be working for me - any problems - let me know


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