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Default Re: Pop-up Anywhere module released

Originally Posted by candc
Thankyou Karina,

Nothing in admin or customer, no errors in our logs.

I have already checked the manual, and manually patched the /common files/

I will double check it all again, probably missing something.

I have a look at your store and it seems that js file was patched correctly. I see the js-code for the module.
I would also suggest to check following:
1. Required popup is enabled (Enable = Yes) in admin area 'Pop-ups management' page.
2. Popup is configured correctly: check 'Popup will be shown on pages with URL' and 'Popup will not be shown on pages with URL' settings.

If it still doesn't work, just post a new ticket via HelpDesk and we will try to sort it out for you.

Originally Posted by candc
We dont have this module though

The 'Add to cart popup' module is available still 4.5.3. So it's OK that your store doesn't have it. It doesn't affect Pop-up Anywhere functionality.
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