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Default Slow x-cart cart page

Hi guy

I have a x-cart 5.3 webshop with PHP 5.3 in cart.php you have 2 requests with LEFT JOIN is it possible to change that to INNER JOIN ?

Or is any other optimisation possible ?

Here the code:

$products_array = func_query_first("SELECT $sql_tbl[products].*, MIN($sql_tbl[pricing].price) as price, IF($sql_tbl[images_T].id IS NULL, '', 'Y') as is_thumbnail, $sql_tbl[images_T].image_path, $sql_tbl[images_T].image_x, $sql_tbl[images_T].image_y, IF($sql_tbl[images_P].id IS NULL, '', 'P') as is_pimage, $sql_tbl[images_P].image_path as pimage_path, $sql_tbl[images_P].image_x as pimage_x, $sql_tbl[images_P].image_y as pimage_y FROM $sql_tbl[pricing],$sql_tbl[products] LEFT JOIN $sql_tbl[images_T] ON $sql_tbl[images_T].id = $sql_tbl[products].productid LEFT JOIN $sql_tbl[images_P] ON $sql_tbl[images_P].id = $sql_tbl[products].productid WHERE $sql_tbl[products].productid=$sql_tbl[pricing].productid AND $sql_tbl[products].forsale != 'N' AND $sql_tbl[products].productid='$productid' AND $avail_condition $sql_tbl[pricing].quantity<='$amount' AND $sql_tbl[pricing].membershipid IN('$membershipid', 0) AND $sql_tbl[pricing].variantid = '$variantid' GROUP BY $sql_tbl[products].productid ORDER BY $sql_tbl[pricing].quantity DESC");


$discount_info = func_query_first("SELECT $sql_tbl[discounts].*, $max_discount_str FROM $sql_tbl[discounts] LEFT JOIN $sql_tbl[discount_memberships] ON $sql_tbl[discounts].discountid = $sql_tbl[discount_memberships].discountid WHERE minprice<='$avail_discount_total' $provider_condition AND ($sql_tbl[discount_memberships].membershipid IS NULL OR $sql_tbl[discount_memberships].membershipid = '$membershipid') ORDER BY max_discount DESC");
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