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Originally Posted by daveb1
From what you've said, it seems like you make a mockup of the site in PS, then save each layer (which presumably has one image in each of them) which you then copy over to the xcart images directory. My knowledge of PS is limited at best, and although I can do the simple picture editing stuff, I hadn't even considered making a complete mockup of the site. Is this right? And more importantly, how is that achieved?



When we create a design mockup for any client, we will start with a 750 x 600 canvas in photoshop, and create the design. We put gridlines anywhere we know that we will want to create slices. Then, at the bottom of the tool palette, there is a button you can click that will toggle your canvas over to ImageReady. Then, in IR, you can "convert gridlines to slices" -- then I name each of my slices and decide on how much to optimize, etc.

Then, Save Optimized As> and select html and graphics. This will create your basic code for you, then you can modify it to make it span horizontally, vertically, etc.

If you do these steps, if you decide to make basic changes to the design, you can reexport them with the same slices and grids already made and won't have to readjust much of your code
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