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Default Crisp White - adding a video (or other segment) to the home page

Hi there

I am playing with XC5 and using Crisp White Skin, and I want to add a segment (predominantly for a youtube video) onto my home page between the category list and the featured products list.

I'll be honest, I can just about manage to fiddle with XC4 and add a few template files here and there, but with XC5 I don't have a scooby what to do.

I have installed the webmaster and custom skin modules, and I have managed to do a few basic things (like hiding weight and SKU), but beyond that, I'm struggling with the structure and how it all works. Pretty much all of it, actually.

If you have done this, or know how to do it (or something similar), could you share an 'Idiot's Guide'? I would probably need some fairly basic instructions, if basic instructions are enough for this platform.

Any pointers gratefully received.

Many thanks

X-Cart Business 5.3.6
Various add-ons
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