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Default Migrating from oscommerce

Hi I am looking at options to migrate from oscommerce.

The reason i went for oscommerce to start with (Many years back) is because i require a very specific setup and the add-ons etc helped me get what I needed. But I am finding the appearance of that site quite dated and i think that reflects on my business.

I run a wholesale website that operates in 5 different currencies and sells over 1300 products and growing.

The Specifics that I need from a platform are;

1. A signup procedure that requires authorization from admin before a customer can see any prices at all. (Ie a user can browse the site but will not see any prices until they are logged in).

2. Ability to set static prices according to 5 different currencies rather than the customer seeing a price that has been worked out based on the exchange rate. (eg the Australian customer sees an item always at AUD$8.00 and an American customer always sees the same product for USD$6.50) - at present the currency group is set by the admin at time of approval so the customer cannot see the other groups prices.

3. Ability to convert that static price to AUD before charging the customer based on the exchange rate.

4. A module that allows me to use the Qvalent Gateway.

5. Ability for customers to search and view entire catalog of a particular manufacturer (or in my case designer)- this is more important than being able to search by category and should be front and center on the site but with the ability to still see categories and search by them.

6. ability to migrate customer base from OScommerce - I am happy to export - modify a CSV file and import through PHPmyAdmin

I have basic understanding of programming and have customized my oscommerce site's operation through the multiple add-ons, sometimes leaning heavily on the forums. Obviously I can download the free version and play around with it a bit but most of what I want to do above I cant do on the free licence. Do you think I will be able to achieve that through the business licence.
At this stage i dont have xcart
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