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Default Make Sidebar Item only show on the home page.

I created a simple mod for xcart 5 that adds a menu item to the sidebar called Quick Links. Everything works fine with the mod. It shows up in the side bar just like it is supposed to, but I want it to only show on the home page. Where as now it shows on every page with the sidebar. What is the easiest way to accomplish this?

Below is my QuickLinks.php


namespace XLite\Module\Pmall\QuickLinks\View;

* @ListChild (list="sidebar.first", zone="customer", weight="101")

class QuickLinks extends \XLite\View\SideBarBox
protected function getHead()
return 'Quick Links';

protected function getDir()
return 'modules/Pmall/QuickLinks/menu';
Ver 5.2.6
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