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Default Re: Iframe Not Displaying In FLC

Originally Posted by pcarcare

Did you do a fresh install of 1.0.5? I can't find any upgrade files for xpayments.

I plan on upgrading xcart and xpayments within the next few days.

I 1st tried upgrading using the instuctions located here, but unfortunately was unable to login successfully to X-Payments admin after the upgrade so I used the following steps,

1. Backed up all files and database
2. Uploaded all the files contained in the 1.0.5 package (this does not overwrite your current config/config.ini.php file because that is not contained in the 1.0.5 package).
3. Ran the installer and completed appropriate steps as needed.

And everything seems to be working ok.

I just hope I can figure out why X-Payments is not showing up when using FLC
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