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Default add keyword to advanced search options

This question relates to x-cart version 4.6.x. I was wondering why in admin Product Management there is a special field called Search Keywords but on the customer side, there is not a way to actually search just those keywords, even under the advanced search option. The only 3 check boxes are to search the title, description, and sku. Is there an easy way to add an option to include only words in the keyword field?

It seems like if a user enters a phrase into the simple search it will include the search keyword phrases but also the title, description, and sku. If I want to limit the results to only the Search Keywords, I can't. It also seems like the Search Keywords field is bundled in with the Description checkbox in Advanced Search.

I wanted to group a few of my products from different categories by adding some phrases to the search keyword field. Then I could create a blog, facebook, or twitter post and point the link to the Search Results url with the exact products I wanted.

Is there a better way to do this?
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