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Default Custom e-mail variables

I have created a custom module which adds an order reference field to the Order class. The module displays this rather than the default order number. This was done to allow for customized format and annual counter reset. While I am able to correctly display this reference number to the customer and admin, emails are still referencing the default order number.

I believe the email variables are defined in the XLite\Core\Mail\Order\AOrder class, specifically the __construct fucnction.

<?php // vim: set ts=4 sw=4 sts=4 et: namespace XLite\Module\LBS\OrderReference\Core\Mail\Order use XLite\Core\Cache\ExecuteCachedTrait; use XLite\Core\Config; use XLite\Module\LBS\OrderReference\Model\Order; use XLite\View\AView; abstract class AOrder extends \XLite\Core\Mail\Order\AOrder implements \XLite\Base\IDecorator { public function __construct(Order $order) { parent::__construct(); $this->appendData([ 'order' => $order; 'recipient_name' => $order->getProfile()->getName(), ]); $this->populateVariables([ 'order_number' => $order->getReference(), 'order_total' => AView::formatPrice($order->getTotal()), 'recipient_name' => $order->getProfile()->getName(), 'first_name' => $order->getProfile()->getName(true, true), 'shipping_method_name' => $order->getPaymentMethodName(), ]); $this->getAttachPdfInvoice(Config::getInstance()->NotificationAttachments->attach_pdf_invoice); if ($order->getPaymentStatus()) { $order->getPaymentStatus()->explicitlyLoadTranslations(); } if ($order->getShippingStatus() { $order->getShippingStatus()->explicitlyLoadTranslations(); } } }

I replaced the getOrderNumber() function call wtih a call to the getReference() function of my decorated Order class.

Even after rebuilding cache, and attempting to send an order update e-mail, the subject line still uses the build-in order number rather than the customized reference number.

What am I missing? Did I not decorate the correct class? Did I not decorate it properly? How can I achieve my desired result?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.
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