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Default Re: Callback to online store is failed

Actually, the pingback failure wasn't the reason we'd lost our credit card fields though we did receive a pingback failure notification. Since that one failure we haven't had any additional notifications.

What our problem was pertained to our regenerating of encryption codes in X-Payments. We had done that but neglected to update the information in X-Cart, hence the credit card fields were not loading when the customer was attempting to use a credit card for payment.

To remedy this we went into X-Payments, copied the new encryption codes and pasted them into X-Cart in the appropriate fields (Payment Methods → Credit Card → X-Payments connector module settings).

Whether this will remedy your issue I do not know, but because we'd regenerated encryption codes in X-Payments we "broke" (for lack of a better word) the connection between X-Payments and X-Cart.

We've had no apparent credit card payment issues since we updated the X-Payment encryption codes in X-Cart.

We still have no idea what the issue was with the pingback failure and why it happened but at this moment we're running fine.

Originally Posted by Lloyds
Did you ever find the problem? I am having a similar issue now too. Since Monday, we have had several orders fail on us and customers have had to call to complete the order with us.

The back-end says X-Payments Started - after the third attempt they call us.

I have followed up and they all say the credit card fields are not being loaded.
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