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Default Re: Callback to online store is failed

Originally Posted by gblair
Alex, we made some cosmetic changes to our website over the weekend - color scheme. However, no modifications to the cart (unless changing the color from peach to white is a modification).

On 10/31/2013 we changed the usage status on our X-Payments license from "Under construction" to "Live" (not sure why this was never changed). But since that time we've had successful credit card transactions.

A few weeks ago we did a patch to upgrade from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.3, but we've had successful credit card transactions since then.

Is there an error log where we can identify the specific problem? The email was very generic. We logged into X-Payments but nothing jumped out at us.

Did you ever find the problem? I am having a similar issue now too. Since Monday, we have had several orders fail on us and customers have had to call to complete the order with us.

The back-end says X-Payments Started - after the third attempt they call us.

I have followed up and they all say the credit card fields are not being loaded.
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