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Default Re: Products feeds addon question

I don't know how is organized but for Google Shopping:
1. From admin run the feed generator.
2. You can set your Google Merchant account for upload using ftp, upload manual and fetch. So depends on how you set it up there are 3 different ways your products will find its way there.
3. After products are uploaded to Google Merchant account you can see the the list in there.
4. Whether they show or not in Google Shopping depends on Google and if you are running any ads with Google. I believe some years ago Google started to require that you run Google Ads for you products in order for them to show in Google Shopping but I could be wrong on this.

In any case it is still Google's decision whether to show any product or not and there are other factors in play like how accurate your product info is, if it matches what's on the site, landing page, etc.
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