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I have a question for you or anyone sle posting in this thread.

I am trying to implement a copy of Boomers Product Enquiry and his send to friend add ons into this script.

Boomer has these scripts set up in stages so that the fiorst stage is the base email setting, the second would show what the email will appear as and the third is letting customer know if the email was sent successfully.

For some reason, when I add these into the tab script, it jumps straight to the sent notification of the add on as if it was already completed with info added etc.

Any idea what I may be doing wrong here?

I love the tab script, it works great. Problem is after I add the two email scripts.

I know this can be done, I have seen it in action, just don't know the scripts well enough to know what I am missing here.

Thanks to all that may help.
vs 4.1.12
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