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oops... my fault. I failed to take into account the {strip} tags that were already in the code.

Try this:
{strip} <title>{$lng.txt_site_title} {if $main eq "catalog"} {if $location eq ""} {$lng.txt_subtitle_home} {else} {section name=position loop=$location start=0 } {if %position.last% eq "true"} - {$location[position].0|escape}{/if} {/section} {/if} {elseif $main eq "product"} {if $product.product ne ''} - {$product.product}{/if} {elseif $main eq "help"} {$lng.txt_subtitle_help} {elseif $main eq "cart"} {$lng.txt_subtitle_cart} {elseif $main eq "checkout"} {$lng.txt_subtitle_checkout} {elseif $main eq "order_message"} {$lng.txt_subtitle_thankyou} {elseif $main eq "wishlist"} {$lng.txt_subtitle_wishlist} {elseif $main eq "giftcert"} {$lng.txt_subtitle_giftcerts} {/if} </title> {/strip}
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