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Default Re: New module for X-Cart 5 - Backup Master

Originally Posted by xplorer
We have released a new module for X-Cart 5 - Backup Master
This maybe a good idea for some users but for others.....aren't comprehensive and selectable backups both simple, available and free anyway? (albeit only manually done at present) That is assuming you have the correct server access? (and in this example using Apache)

Two simple steps:

Backup (manage as well of course...) all the relevant SQL data via

Back up all / some / selected items / directories / files etc remotely (via SSH) and relevant simple specific remote commands e.g.

tar -zcvf backupdate-live.tar.gz --exclude= /****/****/public_html/spare

(Or write simple a backup script(s) and run the script(s) command remotely)

You can then copy the backup or backups to an alternate remote / non-server storage area too e.g.

rsync -va --progress login_details:/source/ /destination

Backups we don't find a problem and we can't see us ever needing a module to do them (sledgehammer to crack a nut?) but it's obviously different for everybody dependent on their own setups

However....backing up both CORE and Modules that still don't work properly aka as they should
Yes, we do find annoying because we're actually just making interim back ups of faults until these are (eventually) rectified.
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