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Default Re: Printable Gift Certificates for Customer and Backend

I used scottWB's mod to print Gift Certificates in 4.1.9 and it worked nicely! But if you try it, here are a couple of pointers so your edit will go faster than mine.

First, in X-cart 4.1.9 find giftcert.php in the root directory. That wasn't clear to me from the posting above.

Second, I was able to print the customers Gift Certificate from the receipt at the end of checkout, but I could not print from the receipt that I display thru Admin/Orders. My fix was to hard code the URL in the order_data.tpl edit. I suspect my shared SSL to be the reason for not being able to print from Admin.

Like this worked for me:

<!-- Added for Custom Print GC --> <br /><h3><a href="{$gc.tpl_file}&gcids[{$gc.gcid}]=on" target="_blank">Click here for printable gift certificate.</a></h3> <!-- /Added -->
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