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Default Froogle feed help

I took Joshuas generous froogle code and modified it for 3.4.3 which I just upgraded , having a prob witht he product_url in the csv strip.

Code is below

{* HEADER FOR GOOGLE FEED By Joshua Sowin*} {* If you remove these headers or change them you do not have permission to use this code. This code is copyright 2003 Joshua Sowin *} {strip} product_url{$delimiter} name{$delimiter} description{$delimiter} price{$delimiter} image_url{$delimiter} category{$delimiter} offer_id{$delimiter} ISBN {/strip} {* END HEADER *} {section name=prod_num loop=$products} {strip}{$products[prod_num].productid|replace:"\"":""}&cat={$products[prod_num].categoryid|replace:"\"":""}&partner=froogle{$delimiter} {$products[prod_num].product|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter} {$products[prod_num].fulldescr|replace:"\r":" "|replace:"\n":" "|replace:"\t":" "|replace:"\"":""|replace:",":","|strip_tags}{$delimiter} {$products[prod_num].price|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter} {$products[prod_num].thumbnail|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter} {$products[prod_num].category|replace:"/":" > "|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter} {$products[prod_num].productcode|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$products[prod_num].param00|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter} {/strip} {/section}

In excel the output is this

the productid= isnt being stripped any ideas? it should be stripped like this"missing this number"&cat=&partner=froogle
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