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Default Internal Error during new password setting

Just installed latest X-Payments version from scratch. All went ok during installation and got into the backend, alright.
After regenerating the codebook, and the procedure went ok, I got the last account activation email with the new pin codes. I attempt to set the new password, but I get the following page:
Internal error - The requested action cannot be performed. See logs for details.

The logs say:

ERROR [2014-07-11 14:59:54]
User: unknown; IP:
Zone: Model
Class: "'XPay_Model_Codebook'". Codebook key "1" not found

Affected systems: Model/Codebook.php file (189:assert); Core/Converter.php file (361:getKey); Model/PasswordHistory.php file (84:getPasswordHash); Controller/Admin/Profile.php file (106:checkPassword); Controller/Admin/Profile.php file (346:checkPassword); Core/Controller.php file (181:actionActivation); Controller/Admin.php file (274:process); Core/Dispatcher.php file (148:process); Application.php file (156:dispatch); /home/<username>/public_html/xpayments/admin.php file (26:run)

ADMIN INTERFACE ACCESS [2014-07-11 14:59:54]
User: unknown; IP:
Status: failed
Access to profile::activation action
Input data:

user_id = 0
form_id = ***
form_uid = ***
token = 84b071af02ddf353248f3feaa827e182
posted_data = {

new_password = ***
new_password_confirm = ***


Affected systems: XPay_Controller_Admin_Profile class

I regenerated the codebook a 2nd time and again got the same error.

I have followed the installation instructions to the letter.
Now, what could the logic be behind this 'CODEBOOK_KEY_NOT_FOUND' message, especially since I just regenerated the codebook. Why should a key be missing, since everything is just newly regenerated? Does it make a sense?

After having read almost the whole X-Payments subforum for just upgrading or installing X-Payments and getting stuck in the initial stage of X-Payments management (installation), I start to believe that it is either a VERY BUGGY software, or the documentation lacks a lot. I am impressed

Appreciate any help.
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