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Default Re: DPM (PA/DSS Compliant)

No Carrie - thank you. Your mod + DPM is a real game changer for my newer clients as well as the clients I have that were lucky enough to get delayed by the confusion over PCI/DSS compliance. (I guess sometimes the late bird lucks out and gets a worm as well.) I hope, Braintree and others with these methods start getting a competitive advantage so the other gateways are encouraged to do it as well. (I'm plagued with several Innovative and Cybersource accounts to support.) But even within - they ignore my pleading with them to offer a DPM for their CIM method! Not that I want to give X-Payments an early retirement - but with the gateways knowing this kind of thing is possible and not doing it - we'll still need X-Payments.

Also - for at least 2 of my clients, it swings us back in favor of upgrading to 4.4.x or waiting for 5, instead of leaving X-Cart all together. If more gateways start implementing similar methods, and you are still able to release reasonably priced connectors - this should be good news for QT too.

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