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Default Re: New design of!

Originally Posted by groovico
I just have to ask though! What's it running for the cart, is that a modified x-cart? Surely x-cart should use x-cart to sell x-cart, therefore showing x-cart in action while the user actually purchases x-cart then installs x-cart for thier own use so it's x-cart through and through

We do not use X-Cart on the web-site as we are using our own Business Support Software named X-Business there which is actually the HelpDesk you are using to contact us, download software, change licenses, etc. X-Business has lots of other very specific features which are used mostly by us in its back-end.

The reason is X-Cart doesn't implement our business-specific logic and work flows. If we added them into X-Cart it wouldn't be a shopping cart anymore. It would be X-Business

Nevertheless, I can confirm that we use our own software to sell our products.
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