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I used POSDepot Excel workaround to get rid of the lines in between but Google responded:

Please also remove the quotes which are currently surrounding the header
and each product.

I did that manually and then they responded:

We are unable to process feeds that contain line breaks in the
descriptions. Please remove any line breaks from your item descriptions;
each product's information should take up exactly one line in the feed.
For example, the product Partner - English<->English appears to have line
breaks in either the description or name fields.

Your feed contains some extra tabs. There should be only one tab
separating each field from the next and there should not be any tabs after
the last field on any given line. Please make sure there are no extra tabs
in your feed. For example, the product Language Teacher - English <->
Czech Talking Dictionary with 128K Bilingual Business Organizer appears to have extra tab spaces.

Have any of you gotten the code to work ?
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