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Default Click anywhere in result pages icons

Something that annoys me and, I figure, my users is the fact that you have to click on the actual page number in the result pages navigation icons. Clicking on the little page icon isn't enough. In the interest of ease-of-use I've made the following modification to line 27 of skin1/customer/main/navigation.tpl:

<TD width="{$cell_width}" background="{$ImagesDir}/page{$suffix}.gif" align="center" valign="bottom" onclick="window.location='{$navigation_script}&page={%page.index%}';return false" onmouseover="'pointer'" onmouseout="'auto'">{%page.index%}[img]{$ImagesDir}/spacer.gif[/img]</TD>

One thing it doesn't do is update the window status (I mean the string of text typically on the bottom of the browser that changes depending on what link the mouse is over) when the mouse enters the table cell. If I get it to do that, I'll post an update.

Hopefully, this will be helpful to someone.
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