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Question Single Sign-On? Users API?

Hey everyone -

First time poster and new XCart user, so far I am LOVING this platform, it's a huge improvement from Magento.

We currently have a web application which our customers use on a daily basis which requires them to login. I want to enable 'single sign-on' capability between our standalone store site (running XCart 5) and our current web app.

That said, can anyone out there who has built extensions or who has worked on the core platform offer some advice? I have complete control over our web application (having developed most of it in Laravel) so I was thinking that when users click a link in our current app it could redirect to the XCart site with some data in the request which could be used to identify and log the user in.

Any thoughts on the best way to extend XCart to allow for something like this?

- Nicholas (@niczak)
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