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Default Re: 4 Level SEO friendly Flyout Menus - 4.1.x compatible

Thanks for the reply.
I working on a mock up using 4.1.1 but will be changing over to 4.2 when released, that is why I ask if anyone has tried this mod on that version.

I have this working fine and it does what I need it to except it seems the fly outs only go in alphabetical order "levels 2-4".

This is going to be for a shoe store so it is kinda important. When I add the categories in the admin section as follows

5 Ankle Boots
10 Knee High Boots
15 Thigh High Boots
20 Chap Boots

it displays as

Ankle Boots
Chap Boots
Knee High Boots
Thigh High boots

No matter what I set it to in the admin section it always displays the same. Has anyone else seen this and do they know of a fix?
Version 4.1.10
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