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Default Re: X-Cart v4.7.9: Skrill and PayPal updates, Store Notifications, SEO, Bug Fixes

Originally Posted by aim

Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce this issue on the default installation of X-Cart 4.

I added a new tracking code via ajax '´┐╝Add tracking number' button.

By the way,

the related ticket is

Thank you.
Hi Aim,

Thanks for your response.
The same issue is happening here:
1) Add a tracking code
2) Refresh page so tracking button appears
3) Click tracking button
Normal result: New page opens with the tracking website
Current result: No new page opens, but the Track It! button acts as the Apply Changes button (it saves changes to the page, instead of actually tracking the order)
X-Cart 4.7.12
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