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Default Re: Horizontal and Vertical Flyout Category Menu

Hi Dan,

This is exactly the same problem I've got with this mod, did you buy it seperately or as part of a custom template? Mine was included with SEO skin 4.18 by PhilJ. If you read back in this posting you will find previous postings I've made on this.
PhilJ said it's because I've got broken image links, which I can't find any evidence of and his skin when loaded has exactly the same problem so my modification isn't the primary issue. I tried to be decent about it because I don't like kicking up a stink and really needed help on this but he didn't reply after that. I haven't come across the issue with slow menu flyout because my system isn't live yet so don't have that many products but it's making me sweat already.

It's frustrating to purchase something in good faith and then find it's not working properly and even worse there's no support on it. Let me know if you find the answer please or if I can help you in any way then please PM me.

X-Cart 4.1.12 CentOS Linux
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