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Default Mailchimp and Abandoned carts

Does anyone have any experience using Mailchimp and their Abandoned cart notifications ? I set up a test customer, added some products, abandoned the cart at checkout, and waited. I have mailchimp setup to send an email after 6 hours, that part works fine. The email came back with a coupon I added (mailchimp sees the codes in my admin so I know it's communicating), it had the contents of the cart in the email (pictures and prices) and 2 call to action buttons. 1 said shop which sends you to the home page, and 1 said checkout. The checkout button just sends you to an empty cart page. I logged in as the test customer and the cart is still there. So... The question is, how does the integration with mailchimp find the customers abandoned cart ? Does this interface with the Xcart 5 abandoned cart module ? Mailchimp support said I need to ask Xcart, they developed the API. Anyone shed some light on this ? Would be very cool if it worked....

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