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Thumbs up Dutch language Pack for X-Cart and all X-Cart add-ons!

UPDATE: now also available the dutch translation for X-Cart at an affordable price!
And still available our famous dutch X-add-ons translation pack; a complete front- and backoffice translation of all X-add-ons;
  • X-AOM
  • X-Affiliate
  • X-Configurator
  • X-FancyCategories
  • X-FeatureComparison
  • X-GiftRegistry
  • X-Magnifier
  • X-RMA
  • X-SpecialOffers
  • X-Survey
Translated by a native speaker!

Buy both language packs and get a big discount!

Check it out

Even if you have none or just a few X-add-ons installed you can install all language packs, the translation will appear by itself when you install an add-on later on.

Seperate packs available as well.
Installs: X-Cart 4.1.x - 4.4.x ∙∙ MySQL version: 5.0.45 ∙∙ Apache version: 2.2.8 (Unix) ∙∙ PHP version: 5.25
X-Cart add-ons: all ∙∙ Mods: A lot; too many ∙∙ Skin templates: Many
∙∙ Experience: Somewhere beyond newbie
Looking for the best dutch language pack? 4.1.x - 4.6.x compatibel, native speaker translation! More info
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