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Default Re: X-Cart 5.3.6: Google Shopping Feed, Hidden Attributes, Bugfixes

Originally Posted by cflsystems
Installed for testing from scratch.
PHP 7.2.10
MySQL 5.7.24

Fast installation and it works. However the last screen of installation wizard lists a Warning

MySQL query cache is not active, learn how to activate it

Well this has been mentioned before - the MySQL cache is basically gone. Why is XC still insisting of using it?
From the link above "The query cache is deprecated as of MySQL 5.7.20, and is removed in MySQL 8.0."

So this installation is using MySQL 5.7.24 and the query cache is deprecated since 5.7.20. If the installation knows the MySQL query cache is off then it should check the MysQL version and know not to use it and not to put out this warning. It even shows in admin on Environment page - as non-critical installation requirement with status failed

This my be confusing for some users not to mention they may think cart is not working well because of this.

Within 54 this requirement will be discontinued. 54 beta release is scheduled to Q1-19
Sincerely yours, Max Vydrin
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