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For some reason, this seemed like a tougher than normal upgrade. My only hope is that the cart remains stable.
A few things I noticed that I thought would be beneficial to point out.

After upgrading, the Web Tools User ID cleared out. (under General>Shipping options )
I tried this upgrade 3 times in a test directory with the same result, so you might want to make sure that if you use USPS for shipping, you have your ID to put back in there. My shop came up with no available shipping methods without this.

Another thing that I noticed, is that when generating the HTML catalog, the process nearly brings the store on the customer side to a halt. It takes nearly 30-40 seconds to change a page on the customer side while the HTML catalog is being generated - I did this with the option of only creating 100 pages at a time to see if that would help)

Also, I noticed a substantial decrease in speed once entering into the checkout mode. Clicking add to cart, checkout and submit order are the areas that it was noticed.

Anyone else experiencing these issues?
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