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Default Re: 4.1.9 changelog

People using Excel to import UTF-8 file are going to have problems. The same import that worked in 4.18 may not work in 4.19. For example, category names must be quoted with double quote in category import in some situation. Some text are skipped in some other UTF-8 imports, adding double quote fix the problem.

HTML Form post to x-cart using script does not work anymore. For security reason, 4.19 checks x-cart created form-id to make sure it is posted from a x-cart form. I just make that function in backoffice.php to always return true to bypass check. I did everything in VM, upload the whole site/db after I am done. One probably will want to keep form-id check in the live site.

HTML Form import using script also need to be changed, 4.19 has added an upload file location form field, and maybe some other changes.
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