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Default upgraded X-Cart 4.x does not work with X-Payments (it won't work!)

This really belongs in rants but I thought I should post here as this is relative to X-Payments.

I have been attempting to have X-Payments (QT hosted solution) configured since the 28th of September and to this point right now I am no closer than I was almost 2 weeks ago.

Despite a week of sales support, 48 hours of hot-rush service and close to 60 tickets in correspondence this issue is still not resolved.

It is now at the point that I am stunned that not only can this issue not be resolved - but we have simply returned to the exact same issue we commenced with despite multiple re-installs and log files examination.

If I was to sum up my experience with this issue I would have to say QT comes across extremely poor (almost bordering on incompetent) of handling an issue like this with their own modules in an urgent manner.

Now this is not directed at the engineers personally as in my past experience this is not the norm, but in this instance it appears I'm stuck in a weird department loop of which there is no end.

However it's enough of a mess to make me really stand back and look at X-cart again.

So I am going to have to make the decision to trash this and seek an alternative as with many clients looking for an onsite (iframe) payment solution with PayPal this is no longer a viable option.

The irony is my trial will expire before I can even have it working.

So rant over, can someone suggest an alternative that will work?
Multiple instances of X-cart
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