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Default Re: Credit Card Images Instead of Text in checkout.tpl

probably a basic question but thought I'd ask it anyway as I am having trouble locating the answer... I have reduced the amount of credit cards we accept to two (MCard and Visa) and would like to be able to do two things:
a) Add these logos to the checkout process as neaisha and co have asked. I have read through the other thread but still not certain how to get this to work.
b) In the CC information section in the checkout, it has the option for selecting the credit card type. Need to reduce the options from the 4 cards that are there to only the two. Though I could track this down via /customer/main/payment_cc.tpl but can't seem to see what to do.
Any ideas? Thanks.

# Amendment # have since found that I had to actually delete the credit cards I did not want to use from the admin menu rather than just 'uncheck' them. Still wondering how to add logos though...
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