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Default Re: Order ID Random Incrementation...

In 4.1.x, you need to change:

$smarty->assign("orderids", $orderids); $smarty->assign("main","order_message"); $location[] = array(func_get_langvar_by_name("lbl_order_processed"), "");


$smarty->assign("orderids", $orderids); $smarty->assign("main","order_message"); include $xcart_dir."/include/increment.php"; $location[] = array(func_get_langvar_by_name("lbl_order_processed"), "");

Just tested and works like a charm! Many large scale sellers (like Amazon) have completely random order numbers. A lot of backend order management apps. collect web order #'s and also have order id's. Thus, random customer side order numbers don't really affect any legal or business issue. It does certainly make it easier that the orders are at least greater in number though... in XC's backend.

- Mike
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