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Default Re: X-Cart 4.7.10 released

Originally Posted by mattstyle2
You inspired me.. WHILE I did not upgrade fully to XC4.7.10, I took the optimization parts from 4.7.10 to improve the template loading since my install is very customized..

parts I used include:

1) files in \include\templater\plugins\
2) modded the skin\common_files such as meta.tpl and customer\service_js load..
3) added the new config values for speedup_js and speedup_css

added the \include\lib\vendor folder for the new minify

disabled the reboot minify script..

Page speed insights improvements for 4.7.7 and Reboot:

25 - desktop
4 - mobile

very bad!

72 - Desktop
30 - Mobile

better.. could use improvement..

some inner pages hit 89 on desktop for page speed.

I code alot of sh*t and don't recommend trying this at home..

I just checked Page Speed Insights and got the following values with reBOOT Minify on then off and then on again. Desktop has pretty stable results but mobile varies quite a bit. I have not tried to do any optimization yet and I don't have memcache turned on yet. I see you use Alterdcarts Carts Cash Rewards also. I had to edit a few things to work on 7.2 and reBOOT but it's working fine.

reBOOT Minify - On
96 - Desktop
93 - Mobile

reBOOT Minify - Off
94 - Desktop
75 - Mobile

reBOOT Minify - On Again
97 - Desktop
81 - Mobile

Thank you very much for your input and I don't think I'll every be brave enough to do what you did
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