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Default Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce in 4.6.6 version

I have been searching through Google Analytics about the steps for implementing Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce in a 4.6.6 Gold site. I know that this version has Universal Analytics built-in.
The site has Google Analytics module enabled.

My questions are:
  • I know that In order to implement Enhanced Ecommerce, the Ecommerce plugin will have to be removed. Can I do that by just unchecking the 'Use E-Commerce analysis' configuration option in the Google Analytics module, OR should I disable the whole Google Analytics module itself?

  • I have searched through the web but haven't found any article on implementing Enhanced Ecommerce on X-Cart Classic. Would you happen to have in mind any such article?

  • Do I actually implement the technique described on this Google Analytics knowledgebase?
Appreciate any tips.
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