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Default Re: multiple order numbers consumed by x-cart/x-payments

"X-Payments Started" order entries is not a bug. That version of X-Payments connector was developed that way due to architecture of X-Cart 4. Unfortunately, at that time we've never heard of OneSaaS and had no idea such implementation could lead to the troubles you explained here.

If you are not going to update your X-Payments version and X-Payments connector module for X-Cart I suggest to contact developers of OneSaaS integration regarding updating their integration module for X-Cart to take in account X-Payments Started order entries.

The new X-Cart connector module needs new sync API calls that we added in X-Payments 2.1.1. Unfortunately, they are not available in your version of X-Payments (1.0.6).

Development of your X-Payments version has been stopped due to end of PA-DSS v1 life cycle almost a year ago. X-Payments 2.x is PA-DSS 2.x certified and new changes go into new X-Payments versions (due to PA-DSS). Unfortunately, we can't provide you with a free X-Payments license upgrade for your free X-Payments license we gifted you in 2010.

One more solution here - you can use one of alternative X-Cart checkout routines developed by 3rd party X-Cart module developers. See E.g. one page checkout made by AlteredCart. I heard it eliminates this issue for old X-Payments versions.
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