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Default Re: Manufacturer's logos listed on front page

It edits 'skin1/modules/Manufacturers/menu_manufacturers.tpl'

Find the following line there:
<a href="manufacturers.php?manufacturerid={$manufactu rers_menu[mid].manufacturerid}" class="VertMenuItems">{if $manufacturers_menu[mid].is_image eq 'Y'}<img src="{if $manufacturers_menu[mid].image_path ne ''}{$manufacturers_menu[mid].image_path}{else}{$xcart_web_dir}/image.php?id={$manufacturers_menu[mid].manufacturerid}&amp;type=M{/if}" alt="{$manufacturers_menu[mid].manufacturer|escape}" width="70" />{else}{$manufacturers_menu[mid].manufacturer}{/if}</a><br />

Then adjust the width="70" statement there. If you don't want the logos to be resized, then simply remove the statement.

Hope that helps

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