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Default Re: ERROR: "Includes\ErrorHandler::FATAL_ERROR" (code 2) - HELP PLEASE!

This is happening on my test installation all the time. After installing a module, after cache regeneration, after not being to store front for days and then try to load it... It goes away on screen refresh but then eventually happens again. It has something to do with Less.php class.
QT has been looking at the issue for a while now - few months - and nothing yet. It was happening on 5.2.x and now same is on 5.3.x.
It doesn't really matter how much memory you allocate to PHP - I have 256 but tried with even 500 - it always reports same numbers for the "out of memory error".

"Out of memory (allocated 133955584) (tried to allocate 1966080 bytes)"

So this is definitely an XC issue. Whether is due to some specific server settings or not I don't know.
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