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Default Re: ERROR: "Includes\ErrorHandler::FATAL_ERROR" (code 2) - HELP PLEASE!

What version and Edition of X-Cart are you using? Please add it to your signature.

Also, it's always useful ro describe the issues you face in as many details as possible: where do you see the problem, what you did before it appeared and so on.

Originally Posted by kokeyuk1
ERROR: "Includes\ErrorHandler::FATAL_ERROR" (code 2)

Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16777216 bytes)
What is this error and how can we fix it?

This error means that the server ran out of memory for some reason. Or, probably there's some memory, but it can not be used because of memory_limit value set in php.ini

Thus the easiest way to fix it is to contact your hosting provider and ask to increase the memory limit.
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