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Default Re: Frontpage Slideshow

lol, you must be one of the lucky ones! The products are great but not so sure about the support or the updates?

Waited about 2 weeks for a reply on an e-mail I have sent to joomla and sadly the response I finally got was not a great help at all! I also bought the mod twice as I was not willing to wait for a response after a week of waiting on my second e-mail so that I can have the newer version.

Also note on their website the php version (standalone) was suppose to have and admin side and is still advertised on their site as "will be released by the end of 2009", this is still not released. The support you are talking about I am not too sure about that. They seem to be only interested in helping their joomla customers. I am not complaining about the product as this has been proven in my eyes as a top product!

Originally Posted by taponitrof
10-4 on Frontpage Slideshow. I use it on many joomla sites. It's great because of seo and because clients can update very easily. I have used other software by these guys and their support is great. Hadn't thought of using it on x-cart. Forgot there's a stand alone version.


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