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Default Re: X-Cart 4.7.5 released: Amazon Feeds, Gross Profit, Convenient search tools

Originally Posted by
I have just upgraded our live store to 4.7.5 and now we get these errors:

In addition to that: the cost price is not calculated on the dashboard, and it is not shown on the orders list (like in this screenshot). The module is enabled.
I checked & skin/common_files/main/orders_list.tpl has indeed been modified and the requires modifications have been made by the upgrade.

The module shows the 'Gross profit' field only.

Originally Posted by

/include/func/func.core.php has also been modified, function func_decimal_empty($value) is declared in that file, so I don't understand the call to undefined function.

It is very strange bug.
May be this a single case during the upgrade.

Thank you.
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Ildar Amankulov
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