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Default Can't upgrade to 5.4.1.x

I have some dev stores running x-cart 5.4.0.x with free license, and can't upgrade to 5.4.1.x. I get a message "
Renew your access to upgrades to get new and enhanced features coming with the latest release.
X-Cart Business license (expired on Jun 29, 2020)" And I don't see anything on "free license" on X-cart website.

Does this mean there is no longer free license for X-cart 5.4.1.x? At least we can continue to use 5.4.0.x for online sales? (Although I have a production store in 5.2, I have no production store in 5.4, so I am not sure if with current free license I can actually start selling products..).
X-cart 5.2.12, php 5.6
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