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Default Re: Only allow 1 kind of product in an order

Originally Posted by siddharth.puri@wheelandba
Hi is there a way to stop the customers from buying other products in cart if a certain product is in cart.

I am selling a specific item that will be shipped from a 3rd party location . Therefore I don't want anything else bought with it in that order.

is it possible?

Thanks and Regards,
Siddharth Puri

It is possible with custom module. However with something like this you may just angry customers. Instead why not setup fixed freight shipping cost for that product - then your shipping will go up to cover the cost.

Otherwise having a custom module for this you have to inform customers when product is added why no more can be added and to place separate order for the rest. If cart already has any other products and customer is trying to add the restricted one - what do you do - prevent them from adding it or empty the cart and add the restricted product?
In any case this is not a customer friendly action.

If this is just for one product then like I said have it setup with fixed freight, if more than one - maybe you should have separate store for these products.
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