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Default Re: Quick/Instant Search Feature. What to choose?

I was punished with one post moderation about a few words I was commenting to quick/instant search feature, especially CloudSearch price model (as you may see this thread initiated by me ...).

1) I agree CloudSearch is the best for the moment. Fuzzy search is nice. Unfortunately you have to pay a monthly service to get it. I am wondering why Qualiteam doesn't ask a price for 1 product? No more packages. If you have 10 products you pay per month 10 x fee for one product/month. If you have 5000 products but you want increase to 6000 you know from the very beginning the price.

2) Another great solution I did not mention it in detail is Smart Search + AJAX add-on. I do recommend this one too as a professional solution for instant search. If it could have a spelling correction in a separately window (it already has but is all together in one page, imagine entering correction for 1000 words how big becomes the window content), it will be more friendly.

Predictive Search and Smart Search could be customize which is great as controlling the behavior. Predictive Search needs steroids, hope Will from TXS to make this one better to my recommendations. But both are promising solutions, and a competition for CloudSearch if the developers see each other.

Every store should have: Quick Search, Filtering and Comparison. In our days the customers spend less and less time in doing shopping. The store which will have these 3 important features working great will collect the money, and boost the selling.
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