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Default Re: Quick/Instant Search Feature. What to choose?

For our purpose, X-cart build-in search is pretty good already. It brings up correct results etc. We want cloud search because it will give our site more advanced and cool look. I will probably wait to spend on cloud search until we have good traffic.

We started our first store back in 2004 with less than 1k in site set up cost on Gold x-cart. It is still doing well with no monthly cost except for hosting. This second site we are building now with gold plus cart costs much more. Some of the costs are driven up by ecommerce industry such as requirement for PCI-compliance and new features x-cart has. So I am not blaming high costs on x-cart. I am spending $400 on payment module (braintree integration) alone. I probably will spend monthly fee on social login, cloud search and another things. Since we don't have these features with old x-cart, we do not consider these as increased costs.

X-cart can count on loyal customers like us who has success with x-cart in the past. However, if we are a startup company like we were back in 2004, we might not be able to afford x-cart. I would flinch if I have to spend same amount or more for a payment module than shopping cart software itself. I guess it is why you guys are developing x-cart next which is affordable price for a start up. But again people are like me who like open source and like to modify to details, still might not be interested. Again I have no idea how many of your potential customers are like me. I am sure you guys know your market more than me. I am just reflecting my views.
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