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Default Re: Quick/Instant Search Feature. What to choose?

The main point of search - how it converts your visits to sales and how often your customers use it. $200-$300 per year is expensive for you? But what you say, if the better experience of CloudSearch increases your conversion rate and your sales grows for 5%-15%?

According to our statistic, customers use one search request per 11 pageviews. Every second customer use search during his session on the web-site.

As X-Cart CEO I should say that it is big failure that we still do not have search feature on our main website ( It is one of the main tasks for our web-site team to solve all the technical difficulties and implement search engine to our web-site. As far as you may know, the CloudSearch will be also integrated into X-Cart admin area to provide with instant results for help articles depended on opened section. I believe, that very important to give your customers the needed thing as quickly as you can. As soon as they think about something, you need to show them it on your website.
Sincerely yours, Max Vydrin
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