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Default Re: Quick/Instant Search Feature. What to choose?

1) PhilJ said he will provide a free trial for his AJAX search, but I did not see it yet.

2) There was an announcement from Yan ( about IsaySearch. Nothing built yet.

3) Predictive Search from TXS has a main issue with words. It takes letter by letter (e.g. if you search for Binary Mom once you enter the letter you will see the result, but if you search just for Mom you won't see any result). I reported all issues to Will. Hope this module will be updated once and for all. I really like this module, very much, that's why I am waiting its normal shape.

Conclusion, for today you have two options:

- PhilJ's X-Cart AJAX Dynamic Search MK2
- Qualiteam CloudSearch (monthly subscription)

It could be Predictive Search or IsaySearch, but there is no information about availability for these two.
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