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Default Re: X-Cart 5.4.0 Public Beta is out

Originally Posted by kevinrm
Okay, it's still July ~~ even though I'm merchant wave
Releases as per our forum signature. We have no upgrade prompts in our Merchant Wave Status Live Store (expected and correct) Today, in our Merchant Wave Status Dev Store, we have upgrade prompts for > plus the XC Custom Product Tabs Module from > (core not expected and incorrect we think) See these two previous posts:
Originally Posted by mvs will be released in merchant wave in September
Originally Posted by mvs
We released new version in developers wave
In our case, we can only assume, that the previously acknowledged as flawed (different thread) release, is accountable for these premature upgrade prompts, so we're going to ignore them, until the Merchant Wave and releases are officially made by XC. Just another exciting day, over at the XC 5 QA & Consistency Labs Building...
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